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AMC is a private general practice. We aim to provide excellent medical care where our doctors are invested in your well-being. This continuity of care is paramount to good health outcomes and is not possible to provide by accepting outdated and inadequate Medicare rebates. (Closure of many bulk-billing practices due to financial failure is a case in point).

The fees charged have to cover operating costs including staff wages, rent, insurance, medical equipment and supplies, electricity, computers, IT services etc. just like any other business.

There are discounted fees for Centrelink pensioners, children under the age of 15 years and full-time students.

The new fees will come into effect 7th March 2024.

Fees for consultations are time based and are detailed in the table below.

New Consultation Fees – Effective 7 March 2024

(Please see our website: appletreemedicalcentre.com.au for an explanation of our fees & conditions)

Fee Normal Hours Out of Pocket Gap Saturdays & After 4.50PM Weekdays Out of Pocket Gap
Standard Consultation $90.00 $48.60 $100.00 $58.60
Children <15yrs & Full Time Students $80.00 $38.60 $90.00 $48.60
Pensioners (Centrelink only) $70.00 $28.60 $80.00 $38.60
Long Consultation $140.00 $59.90 $150.00 $69.90
Children <15yrs & Full Time Students $124.70 $44.60 $134.70 $54.60
Pensioners (Centrelink only) $114.70 $34.60 $124.70 $44.60
Extended Long Consultation $180.00 $99.90 $190.00 $109.90
Children <15yrs & Full Time Students $160.00 $79.90 $170.00 $89.90
Pensioners (Centrelink only) $140.00 $59.90 $150.00 $69.90
Prolonged Complex Consultation $220.00 $102.00 $230.00 $112.00
Children <15yrs & Full Time Students $210.00 $92.00 $220.00 $102.00
Pensioners (Centrelink only) $200.00 $82.00 $210.00 $92.00

Scripts & Referrals

A private non-rebatable fee will be charged for provision of prescriptions and specialist referrals without a consultation.

These may be requested by phone or by speaking directly to our receptionists.

There are conditions. For example:

  • limit of 3 scripts
  • limit of 1 referral to a specialist
  • patient must have been seen in the last 4 months
  • the script must be one that is a regular medication
  • no referrals to new practitioners/specialists
  • no antibiotic for acute illness
  • no benzodiazepines, opioids or the like (These will require consultation with the doctor – either in person or via telehealth).

The fee for provision of scripts and ongoing referrals (i.e. without new problems) is $20

Credit card details will be taken but the patient will only be billed if the request is agreed to by the doctor. Declined requests will not be billed and will need a consultation.

(Credit card details will not be kept or stored after the transaction)

Telehealth Consultations

Telehealth consultations will be provided if:

  1. it is not possible or practical to attend the surgery
  2. if it is to obtain pathology/results (and associated advice) and the doctor has instructed the patient that a face-to-face consultation is not required

Often with Telehealth Consultations the doctor must do tasks after the phone call ends. The fee charged will reflect the amount of time spent on the phone and also the time doing the tasks afterwards e.g., documenting the consultation, writing scripts or referral for tests or specialists. (It would not be practical for the patient to wait on the phone in silence as these tasks are done).

Fees Charged for Telehealth
Less than 6 minutes $60 Rebate $18.95
Up to 10 minutes $90 Rebate $41.40
Up to 15 minutes $115 Rebate $41.40
Up to 20 minutes $140 Rebate $41.40
Up to 30 minutes $180 Rebate $41.40



It is the advice of the doctors at Appletree Medical Centre that patients of this practice do not register with “My Medicare” at other practices.

Registering at another practice will make you ineligible to obtain services such as Enhanced Primary Care Plans (including Mental Health Care Plans) from Appletree Medical Centre.

This is a consequence of the recent federal government changes to Medicare.


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